2016, by Sergio Castillo @srgest, 

2016, by Sergio Castillo @srgest, 


Self-taught & based in the Los Angeles area, my biggest interest lies in street, landscape & artistic portrait photography. I picked up a camera at 14 years old & have been hooked ever since. Fast forward 7 years & I'm still learning about my craft every day. My photography/editing style is inspired from a plethora of muses; new & old. My dreams are that of any passionate artist; chase their craft in search of an unobtainable state of content with their own work. Photography has changed my life & I hope to one day travel the world full-time, capturing my moments forever. Eventually, I would love to open my own art gallery featuring my work & the work of those that inspire me the most.

My name is Drew Palladino aka "Ghxst" & I've created this website in order to showcase my favorite photos to date. If you wish to support my artwork, all photos on this website are available for purchase. If the photo you want printed is not featured on my site, feel free to email me with specifics about the photo(s) & I can get it printed for you. All print proceeds directly fund my passion & future endeavors.  

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The greatest thing about creating art; no one can tell you that you’re wrong.
— Ghxst